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Learning Skills


6 weeks (12 classes via Zoom)

Class Starts:

August 8th 2020


Thursday and Saturday: 7:30 pm to 9:30pm 


Junayad Munir

MBA in General Business, Lamar University, Texas, USA

Who is this course for:

Anyone who is interested to increase his/her skills in learning, no matter whether s/he is a student or not, young or old. All that is needed is your interest to learn, if you are interested in learning, then this course will increase your learning skills to learn more, spending less time and putting less effort. This course will make you efficient in learning, inshaAllah.

Why should you take this course?

You should take this course to overcome the problems you are facing while learning. If you face problems in understanding the content you read, if you face problems in concentrating while you study, or face problems in memorizing and recalling the things you have memorized, then this course would be the solution to the problems you are facing in studying and learning. 

Learning Outcome:

  • Identify the problems you face in learning.
  • Making a plan to overcome the problems
  • Good habits of studying and getting study ready
  • Having study buddy
  • Time management tips that works
  • Good note taking methods that works
  • The reason behind feeling sleepiness while studying and how to overcome it
  • Effective reading techniques
  • How memory works and what makes us remember things.
  • How to keep things in the permanent area of the memory.
  • Taking care of your body and mind

Course Topics:

  • How do we learn
  • How do we study
  • How to take class notes
  • How to read
  • How to remember

Note: Class recording will be provided


1000 BDT 

Payment Methods:

– Pay Online: http://payment.taibahacademy.com/


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